Fresh faced 20yr old Chanell Heart fucked from both ends

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Fresh faced 20yr old Chanell Heart fucked from both ends BDSM
Fresh faced 20yr old Chanell Heart fucked from both ends BDSM

Nov 6, 2013

Chanell is a sweetie with a personality to light up a room, but today isn’t about her personality. Today is about teaching her throat and pussy a lesson in taking the dick.

Bound in a painful squat with her arms splayed out wide and shackled to two wooden posts, Chanell is completely helpless and unable to do anything about it. A leather blindfold cuts off her vision and reminds her of her place. She is here to be a mouth on her knees for our use. A neck rope is the final touch.

She might not be able to see the vibrator, but she can certainly feel it. The overwhelming sensations rip through her bound body, as the vibrator owns her pussy, made stronger by her unyielding bondage. The pressure of the neck rope sends her over the edge.

While she is still woozy from the orgasms, the cock is introduced to her face pussy. Chanell struggles, but there is nothing she can do. We will train her as long as we see fit. Cranking her neck rope tighter, we continue the throat pounding before shifting her bondage so that she is now standing. Now that we have proper access to both ends of her, the real training can start.

The cock slides balls deep into both holes, and we use whichever side we feel like. Chanell is broken down to a sweaty, glassy-eyed fuckdoll whose sole purpose is to service dick. When we have had our fill, we attach a crotch rope to her neck and leave her sagging limply in her punishing bondage. She will not be forgetting today’s lesson anytime soon…

Category: BDSM, Bondage, Domination, Hardcore
Starring: Chanell Heart | Matt Williams

Runtime: 20 mins
Size: 424 mb
Video: AVC, 1280×720, 23.976 fps, 1200 Kbps

Fresh faced 20yr old Chanell Heart fucked from both ends BDSM

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