Lippy Penny Barber

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Lippy Penny Barber has her face shoved into a box, dicked down 2 big cocks, uncontrolled squirting!

Lippy Penny Barber BDSM
Lippy Penny Barber BDSM

Sep 13, 2013

Objectify: ob jec ti fy 1) to present or regard as an object.

Penny Barber is a lippy litte cunt. Talk talk talk, she is full of sass and clever quips all day long. We know what to do to lippy little cunts around here at SB-stuff their head into a box so that only the important bits stick out. Now she can talk all she wants and we don’t have to deal with it. We start with a simple face down, ass up tie on our well-used bed, what makes this position unusual is the addition of a head box. Head boxes are handy when you only want to deal with the fun end. And Penny has fun to spare, her juicy bubble butt is just begging for attention. We aim to oblige around here.

Locked in darkness with her ass and pussy completely exposed, Penny can’t see a thing. All she can do is feel and endure. Feel not one but two big cocks walk up any time they want and just slide right in. There isn’t a thing she can do to stop it. Far from panicking her, the situation seems to get her pussy wet. One after another, both cocks own her pussy. It is a brutal, relentless, teeth-chattering pounding. 10 inches of BBC are shoved up balls deep. Penny is so turned on she helplessly squirts, the puddle irrefutable evidence of just how much she loves being turned into a humping post. We use her squirt as lube to keep fucking that pussy, and use her hand to keep our dicks from getting cold.

Just to keep her guessing, we add a flogger and a vibrator in as well. The thick “thud” of the sound of the flogger impact makes a wonderful accompaniment to the various gurgles and moans coming out of Penny’s head box. We add the hum of a vibrator and it turns into a full sex orchestra. We use our fingers and the vibrator to finger blast Penny out of her mouthy little mind. Multiple orgasms shake through her quivering assflesh, her strict bondage increasing the intensity tenfold.

The bondage, massive multiple orgasms, multiple dicks and head box serve to drop Penny deep into subspace, and she lies limply in her ropes. We finish up, leaving her shaking and sweating, covered in her own squirt and girl juices, broken words gurgling out of that smart mouth hole of hers. Something tells us she might be a little less sassy, at least for a while. And we always have the head box if we need to use it again….

Category: BDSM, Bondage, Domination, Hardcore
Starring: Penny Barber | Matt Williams

Runtime: 16 mins
Size: 340 mb
Video: AVC, 1280×720, 23.976 fps, 1200 Kbps

Lippy Penny Barber BDSM

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