Smoking Beretta James bound down and worked over by 2 dicks

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Smoking Beretta James bound down and worked over by 2 dicks BDSM
Smoking Beretta James bound down and worked over by 2 dicks BDSM

Jan 8, 2014

Beautiful Beretta James is a sleek fucking machine that is going to be put through her paces today as only SB can. Lean and tight with curves in all the right places, this exotic MILF is going to be turned out into a bag of holes for our use. Bound on her knees with her wrists tied behind her, Beretta is about to her her throat reshaped by the cock train. Two chairs are set up on the stage, and Beretta is passed back and forth between them. The dicks are brutal and without mercy, and she chokes and sputters on the massive cock. Using a classic wrestling leg lock to hold her head in place, Beretta is held in place, nose on belly, dick all the way down.

We stand up from the chairs to gain more leverage and continue the frenzied throat fucking. Beretta is turned into a bobble head doll whose sole purpose in life is to worship the dick. Moving quickly, we then shift Beretta onto a wooden table in a classic fuck me position and tie her down into place. Legs spread wide and ankles hoisted high above her head, she is deliciously, completely vulnerable. Anyone could walk right up and sink in to the hilt. Which is exactly what we do. The dick drills deep, owning every inch of her as she cums uncontrollably on the cock.

In this utterly exposed position, there is nothing Beretta can do to protect her pussy. Time to destroy her with pleasure. We are not going to stop until there is a spent shell of porn girl lying on this table. A hitachi is brought in and ground down on that sensitive clit. Beretta squirms and wails, but she has no hope of escape. Orgasm after orgasm are milked out, long after the sensation is so intense Beretta thinks she is going to lose her mind. When she thinks we are finally going to have mercy, we just switch to finger banging. She is fingerblasted into another dimension as she helplessly squirts all over herself.

We walk away, leaving her languishing in the restraints and covered in her own cum. Her eyes are glazed over and her face is slack. Did someone get the number of the truck that just hit her? Welcome back to SB Beretta…

Category: BDSM, Bondage, Domination, Hardcore
Starring: Beretta James | Matt Williams

Runtime: 16 mins
Size: 356 mb
Video: AVC, 1280×720, 23.976 fps, 1200 Kbps

Smoking Beretta James bound down and worked over by 2 dicks BDSM

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