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24/03/23: Important information.
If you are having difficulty playing the online player, please clear your browser’s cache and cookies.
Thank you.

27/11/22: Please note that some links and/or images may be temporarily unavailable.

06/08/20: “Online Video Player Announcement”
Great news!!!
About 50% of videos can already be watched online. To do this, you need a PREMIUM PRO account.
Also all future posts will be with this feature.
Purchase a PREMIUM PRO account Click HERE for Buy
You will get 50Gb daily traffic and ability to watch videos online anywhere.

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14/04/18: Please note Asian Femdom category now is JAV Femdom (clickable link)
Change your bookmarks!!!

19/10/14: New users registration on the site has been temporarily disabled due to the large Spam.

04/07/14: We are happy to announce a new stable host FileBoom.me!
All posts will be redirected to FileBoom.
Sorry for any inconvenience!!!

01/10/13: The September Promo is over. Wait for new Promos in the future.
Thanks for your support!

30/08/13: Great news for our PREMIUM members!
Download limit have been increased again, now PREMIUM member can download 20 GB a day.

10/06/13: Download limits for premium accounts have been increased.
Enjoy new updates!

05/06/13: Dear Users!
Please don’t ask me go back to Luckyshare, because they are Scammers!
Also they still facing many problems. Many files are unavailable.
I think this is the end.
From now Keep2share is primary mirror. You can trust them.
If you have any problems with downloading, pay, etc. they are always able to help you at any time. Also you can send us the description of the problems here https://extreme-fetish.org/contact-us/ and everything will be fixed.
I reseted the settings for the limit of downloading files, now all free users can download files. I don’t want to force the visitors to buy premium account but without your helps I can’t keep my site alive at this times.
Thanks for your understanding!!!

21/05/13: Dear users, from now we stopped using Luckyshare due they’re providing bad service. They have a very bad servers and we tired recover links.
We’ve been looking for replacement and decided to use as the primary host Keep2share.cc
From 21.05.2013 all new posts and eventually the old, will be with Keep2share.cc
They’re a good filehost now. Buy a premium account via my banners to help my site and Keep2share.
Sorry for any inconvenience!!!

17/02/13: These days I’m getting too many reports dead links.
Over 500 links deleted last month. The reason is: technical problems.
Please report dead links then I will update the fresh links.
Thank you!

07/12/12: We have some problems with displaying images and working to resolve this error.
Soon everything will work.
Thanks for understanding!
Update: Images is OK now. Enjoy!

05/12/2012: Please note that all links to Oron are inoperable.
Gradually, I will try to fix the maximum number of them, it is not that easy.
Please be patient.
Also check out this page >>>Help & Tutorials<<< if you have any questions how to download or how to watch movies.
If you like this site and you can help, please go to this page >>>Donate<<< for more information.


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