PG-29 La Raizon D`etre

PG-29 La Raizon D`etre Scat Femdom Yapoos Market Femdom

PG-29 La Raizon D`etre Scat Femdom Yapoos Market Femdom

Movie ID: PG-29
Full Title: La Raizon D`etre
Release Date: 2023-06-30
Actress(es): IRIA
Movie Genre(s): Scatology, Facesitting, Piss Drinking, Humiliation, Submissive Men

“Hey, President, I’ll be living in this room from today…”
Her inferno life began with a word from the sadistic princess, Iria.
Ron, the representative of Yapoo’s Market, was robbed of his room and imprisoned in his sturdy cage.
Dominated by Iria’s violence…
Leather belts, whips, bloody games with swordsman boots, eternal tooth marks are merciless
A living hell where you can taste the punishment and unbridled torture.
Food and drink that should save hunger are highly concentrated holy water, and forced coprophagia
with spoons of a large amount of gold served on the feeding plate!
Listen to the screams of the beasts fighting in fear with Miss Iria, who has a cold smile on the dragon
who is on the verge of suffocating because her breathing is controlled.

Video info
Duration: 1h 57min 53s
File Size: 1.94 GB
Format: Mp4 | 2160 Kbps | 30.000 fps
Video Quality: HD 720p

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